The Precious Pangolin

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With one eye on fashion and one eye on your African roots, this scarf will perfectly represent you. It's a beautiful mix of earthy colors that will offset any skin tone perfectly. Wrap this scarf around your neck as the final touch to create the perfect outfit.

Or why not wear it as a headscarf? Let your natural hair shine with this scarf folded and wrapped around the crown of your head. Or cascading around your shoulders.

If you're looking for a truly unique and special gift for the special partner in your life, this scarf will be the perfect thing.

If you want to connect with your African roots, this scarf is a great way to do it. The rich tapestry of colors in this scarf weaves a unique story about Pangolin and Ant, and this luxurious and delicate scarf is part of the African Folklore print collection. Wearing this piece will enable you to become part of the story it weaves. Keep reading to find the story of the Precious Pangolin below…

Size: 120cm x 120cm, our scarves are printed on a light silk/satin fabric, which makes caring for your scarf easy but still gives it a luxurious look and feel.

The Story of the Precious Pangolin and the Ant

A long time ago a predator stalked the earth so fearsome that all the little creatures scattered at the sound of his foraging. “I am the king of all creatures!” said pangolin, standing tall on his back feet, baring his sharp claws, tail stretched out long behind him.

“But pangolin”, replied ant, “you are only king because we are all so small!”.

“No! I am king because I can make a foul smell from my rear!” said pangolin.

“A bad smell will not save you! Beware the hyena!”, said ant.

One day pangolin was resting by his burrow when from the bush there came a rustling, too big for an ant, too big for a mouse, too big even for a warthog. “Who is there?” enquired a nervous pangolin, unable to see further than his nose. “I am hyena and I’m hungry for my dinner!”. In a panic pangolin rolled himself tight into a ball. Hyena tapped and scraped, barked and snapped but to no avail. The hours passed and hyena grew hungrier and hungrier. Pangolin’s ruse had worked! Eventually, the hyena decided to go in search of easier prey.

For the next 80m years pangolin kept his nose down, venturing out at night to avoid the big creatures but sure he was indeed undisputed king of all the small creatures.

Written by TA Gale