The Magic Crocodile African Folklore Scarf

R 790.00

With one eye on fashion and one eye on your African roots, this scarf will perfectly represent you. It's a beautiful mix of bright bold red and black that will offset any skin tone perfectly. Wrap this scarf around your neck as the final touch to create the perfect outfit.

Or why not wear it as a headscarf? Let your natural hair shine with this scarf folded and wrapped around the crown of your head. Or cascading around your shoulders.

If you're looking for a truly unique and special gift for the special partner in your life, this scarf will be the perfect thing.

If you want to connect with your African roots, this scarf is a great way to do it. The rich tapestry of colors in this scarf weaves a story of triumph and tragedy. This luxurious and delicate scarf is part of the African Folklore print collection. Wearing this piece will enable you to become part of the story it weaves. Keep reading to find the story of the Magic Crocodile below…

Size: 120cm x 120cm, our scarves are printed on a light silk/satin fabric, which makes caring for your scarf easy but still gives it a luxurious look and feel.

The Magic Crocodile

There was once a big cave. The top part of the cave was dry, and there was water in the bottom part of it. Many animals lived in the dry part, and a crocodile lived in the bottom part of it. He liked to lie in the water and sleep. Sometimes he came out of the cave for a short time.

One day a hunter with his bow and arrow came near the cave. He saw the crocodile and decided to kill him. He aimed at the crocodile. But he became blind at once. The hunter dropped his arrow, and he began to see again! He saw the smiling crocodile, of course. The crocodile was happy! The hunter aimed at the crocodile a second time, and again he became blind.

Then the hunter ran back to the village where he lived and told the people about the crocodile. "As I aimed at him, I became blind. The arrow fell out of my bow, and then I could see again," he said.

The people of the village did not believe him. Many of them took their bows and arrows and went off to the cave. They saw the crocodile. He was lying in the sun near the cave. They aimed at him and became blind.

"Take your arrows from your bows," the hunter cried. They did so and could see it again! It was clear that the crocodile was a magic crocodile.

"No man can kill me," thought the happy crocodile and went back to the cave. The other animals in the cave were happy, too. The magic crocodile did not let the hunters kill them and, of course. They said "thank you" to the crocodile. Many young men came to the cave and tried to kill the crocodile. But nobody could do it with bows and arrows. In those days, hunters knew nothing about the guns. The first hunter with a gun in his hands killed our crocodile. The crocodile's magic worked only against bows and arrows. It did not work against guns.