Labradorite Dangle Geometric Earrings

R 520.00

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Geometric earrings have never looked more glamorous. These gold-plated earrings are the stuff dreams are made of. The brilliant blue of the stones contrasts perfectly with the gold-tone. If you want earrings that will make a scene, these are the perfect ones for you. Any room you walk into, people will stop and stare at these beauties. Show off these dangle-earrings by wearing your hair up and off your face or in braids so you can see them fully.

These earrings are handset and made from brass plated in 22ct gold. The real stars of the show, though, are the lapis lazuli gems poised on the ends. Lapis lazuli is a stone of great wisdom and intellect. Pop a pair on before your next business meeting to wow your colleagues.

The deep blue of these lapis lazuli earrings is reminiscent of the ocean, showcasing the African inspired design. With childhood and nature in mind, the designer evokes the carefree memories of running down sandy beaches and playing in the waves.