Pincushion Protea Earrings

R 890.00

Looking for a pair of truly memorable earrings for women? These beauties will leave you breathless. They are flawlessly designed with the modern woman in mind. Walk into a room wearing these emerald green and gold earrings, and you're sure to be noticed.
These large dangle earrings are handset and made from 22ct gold plated brass. The precious gemstones set into each earring are rose quartz and green jade. The jade stone is often used in alternative healing as it's said to have nourishing energy. It's also a symbol of purity. These jade earrings are the perfect way to tap into this energy and symbolism.
The design of these high-quality earrings draws its roots from Africa. The shape is based on the Pincushion Protea flower that flourishes in Africa. These gorgeous red and yellow flowers bloom all over the continent and are reimagined in these glamourous green earrings. The protea flower is actually the national symbol of Africa, so wearing these will show the world your pride for the homeland. Make a statement with these stunning statement earrings!!!